Moral Outrage
Whew! God help us!

300 thousand US troops at 761 sites in 39 foreign countries

The United States maintains a military establishment far far far in excess of anything that could reasonably be called necessary to defend the country from any real threat to “national security” as that term would be defined by any other more normal country.

The United States maintains 300,000 troops abroad at 761 sites in 39 foreign countries. Who else could aspire to such an arrangement without being perceived by Washington as an existential threat to world peace?

And Washington expects others to view U.S. military power, the Pentagon’s global footprint, and an American penchant for intervention not as a matter of concern but as a source of comfort and reassurance.

Andrew Bacevich, a retired colonel in the U.S. Army, in his book “Washington Rules” (2010) traces what he calls “America’s path to permanent war”.

Our side, of course, won the Cold War but, curiously, “once the Soviet threat disappeared, mere primacy no longer sufficed. With barely a whisper of national debate, unambiguous and perpetual global military supremacy emerged as the essential predicate to global leadership.”

[Excerpt of a Minneapolis Post article by Eric Black]


One Response to “300 thousand US troops at 761 sites in 39 foreign countries”

  1. and we have troops in an additional 60+ countries. One amazing part is the fact that we have had troops in Germany and Japan for over 65 years and in Korea for over 60 years,
    Now is the time to elect the electable Ron Paul and bring troops home and llet them work and spend there money here.

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