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9/11 and the World Trade Center leasing of the Twin Towers

The lease for the twin towers at the World Trade Center (WTC) was bought just weeks before September 11th by businessmen Larry Silverstein and Frank Lowy, who both have very close links to Israeli leaders, including current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who stated that what happened on 9/11 was “good for Israel”.

Buying the World Trade Center lease was regarded as a terrible business deal for Silverstein and Lowy because the towers were known as ‘white elephants’ given the state they were in and the fantastic amount of asbestos that needed to be dealt with. Asked why he had bought the lease, Silverstein said: “I felt a compelling urge to own them”.

When the deal was done, Silverstein and company massively increased the insurance covering among other things a terrorist attack. They were awarded $4.55 billion after the towers were hit.

Until September 11, Silverstein had breakfast every morning with his children in the Windows on the World Restaurant, more than 100 floors up in the North Tower. But on 9/11, none of them showed up. Silverstein later said he had a last minute dermatologist appointment when in truth, as one his bodyguards has said privately, he received a phone call in his car telling him to stay away from the World Trade Center that morning. He then got on his car phone to tell his children.

It was Silverstein who said in a television interview (which he now deeply regrets) that when another of his buildings in the World Trade Center complex, Building Seven (or the Salomon Brothers Building), was on fire the decision was made to “pull it” – the term for a controlled demolition. Soon after, the building, which had not been hit by a plane, did indeed come down in a controlled demolition.

What makes this situation more unusual is that the BBC announced on live television that Building Seven had collapsed half-an-hour before it actually did. –The authorities released the news too early.


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  1. yes it was absolutely amazing and just amazing of the investigations That they have on things like this and the Kennedy Assassination etc that actually very few if any believe.

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