Moral Outrage
Whew! God help us!

Kangaroo Court in Libya to silence the past criminal dealings by NATO countries?

The current head of the NATO-installed Libyan National Transition Council (NTC), Mustafa Abdul Jalil, a long-term CIA favorite, recently announced that men in Libya will be allowed four wives because the “New Libya” is going to strictly follow Sharia law and four wives is what the Koran allows.

This same head of the Libyan NTC, Jalil, wants the trials of high profile ex-regime Gadhafi loyalists held in Libya, instead of The Hague. Those about to stand trial include Gadhafi’ son and heir, Saif al Isam, plus former Libyan Prime Minister al-Baghdadi al-Mahmoudi, and former vice foreign minister Khaled Kiam, among others.

If their trial is held in Libya, it is not at all certain that they will still be alive when the courtroom proceedings begin. This is because of the current lawlessness and political jockeying among NTC power centers and a widespread thirst across Libya today for revenge which trump international notions favoring just trials.

Jalil will try to convince the International Criminal Court (ICC) prosecutor, Luis Moreno Ocampo who is currently visiting Libya on behalf of the ICC, that Libya should be the venue for Gadhafi regime trials and not The Hague.

Jalil will have the White House and NATO backing him on this issue. Indeed, the US has already announced that it will not pressure Libya to send Seif al Islam to the ICC at The Hague, an international criminal court whose jurisdiction the Obama Administration has refused to accept, but which 119 countries have.

What the White House and NATO want is for former key Gadhafi loyalists like Seif al Islam to be silenced before they can reveal past criminal dealings by NATO country leaders with Libya.

[Except of an article by Franklin Lamb]


One Response to “Kangaroo Court in Libya to silence the past criminal dealings by NATO countries?”

  1. Decent article and it is questionable if they do survive to stand trial.
    Ron Paul for President.
    Make sure you are a registered Republican to be able to vote for him in the primary election.

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