Moral Outrage
Whew! God help us!

The silly notion that America can be drug free

In the almost 40 years since President Nixon declared a war on drugs, tens of millions of Americans have been arrested and hundreds of billions of dollars have been spent. Yet drugs are just as available now as they were then.

It is hard to find even an elected official who hasn’t used marijuana or other illegal drugs. President Obama used drugs. Former President George W. Bush made taped comments that many interpreted as indicating he did too. Then there’s Bill Clinton, who famously said he smoked pot but didn’t inhale. Al Gore, Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin admit they used drugs.

Drug use is so widespread the FBI changed its policy of not hiring people with a history of illegal drug use because the policy disqualified so many people that it could not fill its law enforcement positions.

It is long past time to abandon the silly notion that America can be a drug-free nation. The inconvenient truth in drug policy is that Americans love drugs — alcohol, caffeine, marijuana, cocaine, and prescription drugs for everything from anxiety to fatigue.

Prohibition doesn’t stop drug use; it makes drug use more dangerous while filling prisons with nonviolent offenders and making crime lords rich.

[Excerpts of an article by Bill Piper, CNN]


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