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What is NATO up to in Syria?

It was already established (see The shadow war in Syria Asia Times Online, December 2, 2011) that NATO had set up a command and control center in Turkey’s southern Hatay province – where British commandos and French intelligence are training the dodgy Free Syria Army (FSA *). The target: to foment a civil war engulfing northern Syria.

Now, via the website of FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds, that a pincer movement may be in effect, involving Jordan. Edmonds quotes local sources according to whom “hundreds of soldiers who speak languages other than Arabic” have been “moving back and forth … between the King Hussein air base in al-Mafraq” and “Jordanian villages adjacent to the Syrian border”.

The base at al-Mafraq is virtually across the border from Dar’a. A lot of action has been going on in Dar’a recently – an epicenter of the anti-President Bashar al-Assad movement. As far as the Syrian news agency Sana is concerned, security forces have been routinely killed by “terrorist gangs”. As far as the “rebels” are concerned, these are patriotic army defectors attacking military supply lines.

NATO is now actively diversifying into an Iraq-in-the-1990s strategy; to submit Syria to a prolonged state of siege before eventually going for the kill.

[Excerpts of Asia Times article by Pepe Escobar]

* The FSA claims 15,000 army defectors. But it’s infected with mercenaries and what scores of Syrian civilians describe as armed gangs.


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