Moral Outrage
Whew! God help us!

A Nazi Jesus or the Christ of the Bible?

How you view God is how you see man. An individual’s concept of “God” determines how one treats others. The same principle applies for a culture, nation or movement.

The distorting of Jesus’ image and words is a sacrilege that destroys individuals and nations – or, for that matter, the perversion of other revered theological figures.

If one envisions a vengeful, wrathful superior being, wrath and retribution are levied against “others” outside the “chosen.” The religion justifies prejudice with all its ugly manifestations: verbal abuse, theft, deceit, injustice, violence, and the ultimate – “final solution.”

America’s religious right loathes the concept of a Jesus who speaks of humility, meekness, generosity, compassion and sacrifice. Somehow these virtues de-masculinize the Messiah. [Many] worship a Nazi Jesus, not the Christ of the Bible. … A judgmental “God” justifies a judgmental following. Thus, it’s condoned to hate and kill gays, Muslims, aliens, liberals, and all others not of their belief-system.

Jesus’ Number One principle must be suspended in order for them to condone bigotry: “Love God with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength; and love others as you do yourself.”

In their view, this cardinal command must be set aside for the End Times prophecies to be completed – when a wrathful, vengeful “God” re-appears to annihilate the billions. This eschatological element is what drives America’s religious right to insanity and what is driving America off the cliff – since the religious right is such a significant segment of society.

The culture war is here and now, and it has its roots in religion – albeit counter to Jesus’ teachings. America’s religious right needs to return to its “first love.”

[Excerpts of a TPJ Magazine article by Loren Adams]


2 Responses to “A Nazi Jesus or the Christ of the Bible?”

  1. I think if everyone really know who Jesus is there is no conflict in this world. To those people now that saying they know Jesus and His teaching, is not telling the ‘TRUTH’. When the Christ ‘declares’ (it will be very near) Himself to humanity it will be the beginning of the ‘hope’ for all.

    • Yeah, especially at this time of year it’s wonderful to theorize on that note “if everyone really know who Jesus is there is no conflict in this world.” As in peace on Earth toward those of good will!

      But as you point out, it is going to take His return and that time is not just yet.

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