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Formerly great American cities becoming Third World

Once upon a time, the people of the United States constructed beautiful, shiny cities from coast to coast that were the envy of the entire globe. …But now all of our prosperity is coming crashing down and many of our formerly great cities are turning into open, festering sores.

Unfortunately, we are drowning in so much debt that we can barely even slow down the shocking decline of our cities. As our economic infrastructure has been ripped out right in front of our eyes, an atmosphere of unemployment, poverty and despair has descended on many of our major cities like a soaking wet blanket.

Even in some of our most “prosperous cities” there are areas that closely resemble Third World conditions. For example, in San Francisco there is an area known as “Hunter’s Point” where more than half of the population lives in poverty and more than half of all children live in a home where there is no father present. The following is what one reporter found on a visit to Hunter’s Point….

“We cut through the complex, tromping over an expanse of dirt and concrete … A stream of ****, piss, tampons, and toilet paper spewed from a dark hole in the sidewalk, poured down the hill, and formed a sort of **** lagoon next to the street. … In the so-called developing world, according to the World Health Organization, water tainted by feces is a major killer, a prime cause of severe diarrhea, which takes the lives of an estimated 1.8 million people annually.”

In Fresno, California the theft of copper wire from street lights has become a major crisis. At this point, the loss of copper wire and the cost of repairing street lights is costing Fresno about $50,000 a month. So far, approximately 2,500 street lights have been stripped of their wiring.

And Los Angeles continues to come apart at the seams. Approximately 40 arson fires were started in Los Angeles in just the last three days alone. That is the highest number of arson fires that Los Angeles has seen since the 1992 riots.

The number of children living in poverty in the state of California increased by a whopping 30 percent between 2007 and 2010. According to the National Center for Children in Poverty, 36.4% of all children that live in Philadelphia are living in poverty, 40.1% of all children that live in Atlanta are living in poverty, 52.6% of all children that live in Cleveland are living in poverty and 53.6% of all children that live in Detroit are living in poverty.

Speaking of Detroit, it is almost unbelievable what has happened to “the motor city”….
*Only 25 percent of all students in Detroit graduate from high school at this point.
*If you can believe it, the median price of a home in Detroit is now just $6000.
*An analysis of census figures found that 48.5% of all men living in Detroit from age 20 to age 64 did not have a job in 2008.

Today, Detroit has become a very frightening place to live. 100 bus drivers in Detroit recently refused to drive their routes out of fear for their own personal safety.

The rate of HIV infection in Washington D.C. is actually higher than it is in West Africa according to the director of the D.C. HIV/AIDS Administration….

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