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Chemtrails caused by US Military chemical-laden flights

Under the banner of top-secret scientific agenda, the US military continues to weave chemical-laden contrails in the skies, causing health problems for unprotected people on the ground.

For nearly three years, chemtrail observers have hoped an official would step forward to explain the origin and purpose of broad white plumes criss-crossing the skies above a dozen allied nations. Their wait is over…

Lou Aubuchont and S.T. Brendt in Parsonsfield, Maine puzzled over what they had seen in the sky a half-hour before. The fat puffy plumes arching up over the horizon were unlike any contrail he had ever seen, even during his hitch in the Navy.

Aubuchont started observing thicker trails extending from horizon to horizon. Hanging in the sky long after their creators had flown from view, these expanding white ribbons would invariably be interwoven by more thick lines left by unmarked jets, Air Force white or silver in color.

Looking up towards the southeast over West Pond, S.T. spotted the first jet. A second jet was laying billowing white banners to the north. Both aircraft appeared to be at over 30,000 feet. Turning her gaze due west, Brendt saw two more lines extending over the horizon. She called Lou. Within 45 minutes the couple counted 30 jets. This isn’t right, S.T. thought. We just don’t have that kind of air traffic here. A former US Navy Intelligence courier, Aubuchont was used to large-scale military exercises. But he told S.T. he had never seen anything this big. “It looked like an invasion,” he later recounted.

While Lou kept counting, she went inside and started calling airports. One official she reached was guarded but friendly. He had relatives in that part of the State. The Air Traffic Control manager told Brendt her sighting was “unusual”. His radars showed nine commercial jets during the same 45-minute span. From her location, he said, she should have been able to see one plane.

And the other twenty-nine? The FAA official confided off the record that he had been ordered “by higher civil authority” to re-route inbound European airliners away from a “military exercise” in the area.

On his scopes he could track the tankers flying north into Canadian airspace. After nearly three years on this case, I wanted to corroborate extremely high levels of aluminium powder found in samples of rainwater falling through thick sky plumes over Espanola, Ontario.

The Espanola lab tests were conducted after residents began complaining to the provincial environment ministry. Severe headaches, chronic joint pain, dizziness, sudden extreme fatigue, acute asthma attacks and feverless “flu-like” symptoms over a 50-square-mile area coincided with what they termed “months of ‘spraying'” by photo-identified US Air Force tanker planes.

Since chemtrails are commonly spread over populated areas where temperature differentials are greatest and solar shading most needed, it is probable that particulate-laden plumes are precipitating airborne viruses, bacteria and fungi down into human lungs and respiratory systems unable to recognize or resist the alien invaders.

Sightings of oddly lingering plumes sometimes resembling rocket trails are not confined to North American skies. Chemtrail activity has been reported in at least 14 allied nations including Australia, Belgium, Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Holland, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Scotland, Sweden and the United States. Croatian chemtrails began the day after that country joined NATO.

[Excerpts of article by William Thomas]


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