Moral Outrage
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Corruption of American Democracy

As a not particularly credible trader once infamously (but correctly) claimed live on the BBC: “The governments don’t rule the world; Goldman Sachs rules the world”. And not only Goldman Sachs, but also the other top banks and financial institutions, big corporations and certain billionaires.

The Democrat versus Republican narrative is utterly out of touch with the realities of modern society: namely the fact that the US, and by extension numerous other nations, are controlled by a small powerful and wealthy elite, and that the inequality gap between the very rich and the rest is widening into a yawning abyss:

Between World War 2 and 1979, US productivity rose 119% and the incomes of the bottom 20% of the population rose by 122%.

Between 1979 and 2009, productivity rose by 80%, while the incomes of the bottom 20% fell by 4%. The top 20% saw an increase of 55%, the top 1%: 275%.

With widespread access to the internet, far more people than at any time in history are able to find information directly. Ordinary people have become aware that Congress (in which almost half of the members are millionaires) is in the pocket of corporations by means of donations to political campaigns; that a large chunk of the establishment media is owned by large corporations; that successive administrations are filled to the brim with former bankers or those with former ties to banks, financial institutions and corporations; and that executive boards always have chairs pulled out for politicians who retire or are voted out. With all their contacts in Washington, they make excellent lobbyists.

Via lobbying and this revolving door policy, the US government is owned by the rich, the banks and the corporations. As their interests rarely, if ever, coincide with those of ordinary people, a better word to describe the modern US system of government would be ‘oligarchy’.

[Excerpt of article by Simon Wood, author of ‘The 99.99998271% – Why the Time is Right for Direct Democracy


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