Moral Outrage
Whew! God help us!

Ron Paul may have won Maine

Texas Rep. Ron Paul has yet to win the distinction of a first place finish in any state.

However, the victor of the Maine caucus held last weekend is yet to be determined.

News stations jumped the gun and declared Romney the winner over the weekend, but they failed to recognize that Washington County, Maine — a stronghold in the Ron Paul presidential campaign — had their caucus mysteriously postponed. The jurisdiction had their caucus suspended due to an expected three inches of snow, which in actuality turned out to be a mere dusting.

When the residents of Washington County are allowed to cast their votes next week, Ron Paul could be declared the real winner in Maine.

With only 84 percent of the votes tallied in Maine, Romney was declared the victor. In second place, however, was Ron Paul, who only fell flat of Romney by fewer than 200 votes. The Paul campaign had predicted a win in Washington County, and when voters are finally allowed to voice their opinion, the mainstream media may have to retract their earlier opinion.

Ron Paul’s team feels that it was a bit fishy that Washington County was washed away on caucus day. “The caucus was delayed until next week just so the votes wouldn’t be reported by the national media,” campaign manager John Tate explained. The GIRL SCOUTS had an event [the same day] in Washington County that wasn’t cancelled! And just the votes of Washington County would have been enough to put us over the top. This is an outrage.”

Paul has been concentrating on caucus states. He placed third in Nevada’s caucuses on Feb. 4, a distant second in Minnesota’s caucuses and fourth in Colorado’s caucuses on Feb. 7.

When questions arose regarding Paul’s electability in the face of second, third and fourth place finishes, supporters and staffers respond by noting that Paul is still racking up delegates in many of these states due to the proportional allocation of delegates (one of Paul’s major strategies) as a way to continue influencing the 2012 race. And they continue to look ahead as Paul and his team signal no signs of curtailing their efforts.


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