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Khader Adnan a Palestinian Gandhi?

For years prominent corporate media pundits have told us that the world — and the media — would embrace a dramatic, non-violent Palestinian resistance movement. If only such a movement — perhaps led by a Gandhi-like figure — were to finally emerge, we are told, the media coverage will come, and sympathy from across the world will strengthen support for the Palestinian cause.

What about Khader Adnan, someone right now resisting Israeli detention practices? Someone whose hunger strike is attracting attention around the world?

The 33-year-old Palestinian baker, husband, father and graduate student has refused food since December 18, a day after he was arrested in a nighttime raid on his family home by Israeli occupation forces in the West Bank. He has lost over 40 kgs and his wife Randa and young daughters have described his appearance as “shocking.”

Adnan, whom Israel says is a member of Islamic Jihad, was given a four-month “administrative detention” order by the Israeli military — meaning that he is held without being charged for any crime or trial, a practice continued by Israel that dates back to British colonial days.

Yesterday an Israeli military court rejected Adnan’s appeal against the arbitrary detention. Having vowed to maintain his hunger strike until he is released or charged, the judge — an Israeli military officer — might as well have sentenced Khader Adnan to death, unless there is urgent international intervention.
Though the life in his body hangs on by a thread, his spirit is unbroken.

But pundits who tell us that they crave a dramatic nonviolent Palestinian narrative are not writing his story. His plight is sparsely covered in the U.S. corporate media.

[Peter Hart writing in Huffington Post]

One Response to “Khader Adnan a Palestinian Gandhi?”

  1. A report just in that Khader Adnan has agreed to end his 66-day hunger strike after meeting with Israeli officials who pledged to release him in April.

    Solidarity with Khader Adnan’s cause remains very strong:

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