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Experts say US ignorance is major threat to US security

At a hearing to discuss irregular warfare, it wasn’t the threat of terrorists, drug cartels or violent global activists that prompted the biggest warning.

Rather, the greatest threat is the hubris of U.S. leaders who believe the whole world loves America and its message of peace, strength and stability, a panel of warfare experts told a House panel.

Testifying before the House Armed Services Committee’s emerging threats and capabilities panel, Dr. Seth Jones of the Rand Corp., Robert Killebrew of the Center for a New American Security and David Maxwell of Georgetown University’s security studies program were asked what the U.S. military needed to do to prepare for future threats.

Jones [suggested] that one of the biggest threats is a continued feeling that the U.S., because of its military might, is invulnerable to serious harm, which he said is a return to a pre-9/11 feeling.

“Hubris is thinking everybody likes us,” he said, when in reality, the U.S. image overseas “is deeply troubling.”

[Army Times]


One Response to “Experts say US ignorance is major threat to US security”

  1. Ignorance, yes… but arrogance perhaps more so.

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