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Syria and Iran the seeds of World War Three

To get some idea of how absurd the Syria situation is, imagine the following scenario:

The United States government is under attack by an insurgent group, which lists kidnappings and bombings in its modus operandi. The insurgents are being aided by Canada and Mexico, with Mexico planning to seize some US territory in order to create a ‘humanitarian corridor’. Not surprisingly, the Obama administration tries to put down the insurgency. Sure, it is often brutal and uncaring in doing so, but when did any regime respond with passivity in the face of a guerrilla uprising?

Meanwhile, threats from China and Russia have compelled Obama to agree to United Nations inspections, and finally a ‘ceasefire’. But the terms of the ceasefire demanded by America’s imperialist rivals stipulates that the government forces remove themselves from towns and villages first, before the ‘rebels’ stop their attacks forty-eight hours later.

The imperialist struggle to remove Assad is for once not primarily based on the desire for control of natural resources within the nation ruled by the west’s latest demon. Its aim is to remove the only regional government sympathetic to Iran, which is being targeted by hugely provocative economic sanctions ahead of an international conference on its nuclear program.

The US and Israel are determined – for slightly different but overlapping reasons – to remove the clerical Iranian regime, and replace with one more willing to aid US imperialism. For Israel, Iran is a local rival, and it threatens its immediate sphere of influence. For the US, Iran is a massive source of oil wealth, albeit one that is presided over by a government allied to China and Russia – America’s up and coming rivals on the world stage.

War in Syria will almost certainly be followed by a conflict in Iran which will dwarf that of Iraq. And there is no guarantee that China and Russia will simply sit on the sidelines and allow their influence and oil supply to be diminished. The Syrian war potentially contains the seeds of World War Three.

[Excerpt of an article by Adam Ford]


One Response to “Syria and Iran the seeds of World War Three”

  1. I am sorry but your statements above, are totally disgusting, and criminally insane and totally irrelevant, to the reality that the people of Syria, are experiencing. I read what you wrote about the tax payers funds going to pay the military in the USA and about the global increases in military spending, and I agreed with your points. I read what you wrote above, in relation to Syria, and instead, I noted completely ridiculous and insane, irrelevant comments, that are totally negligent and lacking in compassion for the Syrian people currently being mass murdered in their own country by Russian weapons, supplied to the Assad regime, by the Russian military, who have profitted $ 60 billion in the last year alone, from military spending by the Assad regime being used to mass murder the Syrian people in their own country. The false-hoods you state above, are totally irrelevant, and criminally negligent, therefore in relation to the Syrian people, who are totally defenseless, and who are being mass murdered in their own country, by a regime, that has cooperated with the CIA, ISrael, Russia and Iran, as part of the ethnic cleansing and mass murder of the Sunni Muslim Arab people, in their own countries, in both Iraq, in Palestine, and now in Syria in turn.

    Your words are just total lies that simply contribute to the same CIA / Zionist / Russian mafia / Iranian criminal war crimes and lies, used to justify the mass murder of the Syrian people, in their own country, and in their own homes, just because the population is primarily Sunni Muslim.

    Please see here for an authentic credible source, of information from Homs, from a qualified surgeon from Medecins sans Frontiers, who has seen the mass murder of the defenseless, Syrian civilian population who have been mass murdered in their own country by a foreign sponsored CIA, Zionist, Russian, Iranian propped up regime.

    WW3 has already been taking place against the people of the Middle East, already for decades. It began when George Bush senior was responsible for invading Iraq, and for sending aeroplanes to use depleted uranium against the primarily Sunni Muslim civilian population of Iraq, throughout the 10 years, preceding the 2nd invasion of Iraq, by George Bush junior, once George Bush senior, had finished carpet bombing the Iraqi people for 10 years, and all traces of effective defensive weapons had been removed from Iraq, under the eyes of the UN inspectors. Please note that WW3 is continuing against the Sunni Muslim population of Iraq, to this day, instead, now as a result of the Iranian Shi-ite / American backed president who is aiding and abetting the American war against Sunni Muslims, in their own country as part of the continued sectarian violence by Iranian backed Shi-ites, that the Iranians, Americans and Russians are now continuing to aid and abet each other, in racist war crimes and ethnic cleansing of the Sunni Muslim authentic Semitic Arab population of Syria, instead, to this day. There is no such thing as the lies, that you repeat in your words above. Russia, Iran, the Assad regime, and the Zionist Israeli Russian/American/Caucasian colonial state, built on what were formerly Sunni Muslim, Syrian-Palestinian lands, are all collaborating in ethnic cleansing of the Sunni Muslim, people of the entire Middle East, as part of sectarian violence, and WW3 that has been going on since Kissinger first backed the Iranian regime as part of the same apparatus that led to the creation of the state of Israel, going back over 60 years, including considerable efforts, to aid the Iranian nuclear program, that was set up by American companies, from the start.

    Medecins sans Frontier founder, states that the Assad regime are responsible for mass murder of the Syrian people, in their own country, and that there are no such thing as foreign gangs, since the defectors are those who are from the army, who are aiming to protect the civilian population from mass murder by the Assad regime, who are funded and supplied weapons by Russia, and that they all know each other, and they do not know of any foreigners, in Syria, apart from the Russians and Iranians who are supplying Assad with weapons to mass
    murder the Syrian Sunni Muslim Arab population, in their own homes and on their own land.

    Extensive details of the US collaboration in the Iranian nuclear programme in particular the extensive involvement of Kissinger in the Iranian nuclear program over 60 years.

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