Moral Outrage
Whew! God help us!

The human cost of war

Over 6,400 uniformed American service-members and 2,330 mercenaries have died in the Global War on Terror since 2001.

47,740 American men and women have been wounded in action since the War on Terror began.

A casualty traditionally refers to anyone wounded or killed in combat, but this term doesn’t articulate the variety of war’s victims. In addition to premature death and mangled bodies, casualties include broken hearts, shattered minds, economic instability, traumatized families, and mental depression.

These afflictions cross race and nationality. Since 2001, casualties of American, Afghan, Iraqi, European, Pakistani, Yemeni, Somali and other nationalities have fallen in the so-called Global War on Terror.

After decades in limbo, roughly 89,000 Vietnam veterans were recently paid more than $2.2 billion for exposure to Agent Orange. No Vietnamese victims were compensated in this settlement. Will the Pentagon neglect its Iraqi victims when divvying out compensation in forty years?

With an estimated 500,000 disability claims already filed from the recent Iraq and Afghanistan wars, the Veterans Administration will not be able to compensate all future disability requests. Even worse, considering the bi-partisan neglect of fiscal responsibility, the future of all military healthcare is in jeopardy.

[Excerpts from a Counterpunch article by Christian Sorensen]


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