Moral Outrage
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Americans died in Iraq for the benefit of Iran

September 18, 2010

What did 4,400 Americans die for, plus nearly 32,000 Americans get wounded for, during the occupation of Iraq? [Among other reasons] it was for Iran. Iran is the big winner in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Iran’s key Iraqi allies are the two Shi’a factions with which the United States was allied against, one of which is […]

The new Iraq democracy: Shades of Abu Ghraib

April 29, 2010

Detainees in a secret Baghdad detention facility were hung upside-down, deprived of air, kicked, whipped, beaten, given electric shocks, and sodomized, Human Rights Watch said today.  Human Rights Watch interviewed 42 of the men in the Al Rusafa Detention Center on April 26, 2010, after the existence of the secret prison was revealed by the […]