Moral Outrage
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Corporate sponsorship the reason Obama has let us all down

November 1, 2010

Rober D. Hodge writes in his excellent new book ‘The Mendacity of Hope’, “Obama is judged not as a man but as a fable, a tale of moral uplift that redeems the sins of America’s shameful past,” our longing for him to be Martin Luther King reborn. It is not primary a question of individual […]

Americans are too indoctrinated to see the illusion clearly

October 27, 2010

Poll after poll indicates that voters have lost faith in both the Democratic and Republican Parties, whose respective approval ratings have fallen to historical lows. Why would any working class person, Democrat or Republican, support the charlatan Republicans and Democrats running for office? It is irrational, if not delusional, for working class people to support […]