Moral Outrage
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The human cost of war

April 13, 2012

Over 6,400 uniformed American service-members and 2,330 mercenaries have died in the Global War on Terror since 2001. 47,740 American men and women have been wounded in action since the War on Terror began. A casualty traditionally refers to anyone wounded or killed in combat, but this term doesn’t articulate the variety of war’s victims. […]

Repercussions of Unmanned Drone Warfare, the Weapon of Choice – Present and Future

July 1, 2010

When a young Pakistani-U.S. national pleaded guilty last week to a failed attempt to detonate explosives packed in a vehicle in the heart of New York City, he was conscious of the fact he would have killed dozens of civilians, including women and children. His justification: “Well, the (U.S.) drone-hits in Afghanistan and Iraq don’t […]