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Central Banks move to ease debt crisis

November 30, 2011

Major Central Banks around the world have announced a program of coordinated action designed to support the global financial system. The European Central Bank, the US Federal Reserve, the Bank of England and the Central Banks of Canada, Japan and Switzerland are all taking part in the initiative. The possibility that one or more European […]

Ron Paul on the Fed’s Bailout Of Europe

November 30, 2011

The Fed’s latest actions in cooperating with foreign Central Banks to undertake liquidity swaps of dollars for foreign currencies is another reason why Congress needs enhanced power to oversee and audit the Fed. Under current law Congress cannot examine these types of agreements. Those who would argue that auditing the Fed or these agreements with […]

The undeclared creeping US bankruptcy

January 5, 2011

In essence the US is bankrupt, but how will it go about filing for bankruptcy? There are 2 ways – one is to default on its debts. This would create a massive convulsion and crash the markets, leading to an almost instant depression. This is not so attractive to politicians or the elites as it […]

Keyboard Credit and the new Financial World War

October 14, 2010

What is to stop U.S. banks and their customers from creating $1 trillion, $10 trillion or even $50 trillion on their computer keyboards to buy up all the bonds and stocks in the world, along with all the land and other assets for sale in the hope of making capital gains and pocketing the arbitrage […]