Moral Outrage
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Jesus the nonviolent Leftist

February 7, 2012

Jesus of the Gospels was an outspoken, nonviolent leftist who tried to reform his authoritarian conservative, dogmatic church but also refused to shut up with his call for justice for the down-trodden — even when his superiors threatened him with serious consequences if he didn’t. The economic model of Jesus’ early church was socialist, where […]

Religious beliefs in America continue to fracture

September 27, 2011

Religion statistics expert George Barna says, with a wry hint of exaggeration, America is headed for “310 million people with 310 million religions.” “We are a designer society. We want everything customized to our personal needs — our clothing, our food, our education,” he says. Now it’s our religion. More people claim they have accepted […]

Evangelical Christian Warmongers

September 18, 2011

Chuck Baldwin writes: I’ve been an evangelical Christian since I was a child. I’ve been in the Gospel ministry all of my adult life. I attended two evangelical Christian colleges, received honorary degrees from two others, and taught and preached in several others. I have been part of the inner workings of evangelical ministry for […]

Did American SWAT team lead botched assault on Catholic Iraqi church?

November 3, 2010

Baghdad mourned the 58 Christians killed in one of Baghdad’s most prominent churches, where dozens were also wounded, when Sunni Muslim militants took the congregation hostage after a failed attempt on the Iraqi stock exchange. An Iraqi government swat team went in for a rescue, but the guerrillas turned out to be suicide bombers who […]

Passing on a form of “mutant” Christianity

August 29, 2010

Kenda Creasy Dean, a professor at Princeton Theological Seminary, says more American teenagers are embracing what she calls “moralistic therapeutic deism.” Translation: It’s a watered-down faith that portrays God as a “divine therapist” whose chief goal is to boost people’s self-esteem. Dean says that many parents and pastors are unwittingly passing on this self-serving strain […]

Jewish fanatics spit on Christians

December 1, 2009

Last week, the Israeli right wing paper The Jerusalem Post published an exposé of the growing tendency of Orthodox Jews in Jerusalem to spit on their Christian neighbors. Father Samuel Aghoyan, a senior Armenian Orthodox cleric in Jerusalem’s Old City, told the JPost “that he’s been spat at by young Haredi (God fearing religious Jews) […]