Moral Outrage
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Daniel Berrigan of the Christian Left on Christian anarchism

August 1, 2012

The Rev. Daniel Berrigan, undaunted at 92 and full of the fire that makes him one of this nation’s most courageous voices for justice, recently campaigned to get charges dropped against Occupy activists in New York City’s Zuccotti Park. What drives Rev. Berrigan? It is as a religious radical that Rev. Daniel Berrigan gained national […]

Christianity was a religion of pacifists

January 31, 2012

The earliest followers of Jesus rejected violence, tried to return good for evil, and tried to make friends out of their enemies (by caring for them, feeding them, praying for them and certainly refusing to kill them). This original form of Christianity, the church of the first generation after its founder Jesus and even most […]

No Act of Rebellion Is Wasted

December 14, 2010

We may feel, in the face of the ruthless corporate destruction of our nation, our culture, and our ecosystem, powerless and weak. But we are not. We have a power that terrifies the corporate state. Any act of rebellion, no matter how few people show up or how heavily it is censored by a media […]