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Is China ready to pull the plug on the American Dollar?

September 17, 2011

The debate over the health and longevity of the American dollar comes down to one very simple and undeniable root pillar of economics; supply and demand. The Federal Reserve has been quite careful in maintaining a veil of secrecy over the full extent of dollar saturation in foreign markets in order to hide the sheer […]

The Global Financial System is Ready to Blow

August 22, 2011

To understand the mess we are in, it’s important to know how we got here. We begin with the 40th anniversary of Richard Nixon’s announcement that America was suspending the convertibility of the dollar into gold. (at $35 an ounce.) With concerns in the late 60’s mounted over America’s rising trade deficit and the cost […]

Social and civil unrest coming to the US?

July 31, 2011

Unfortunately, the American economy has two predators. Number one is the banking sector; they are a third to 50 percent of the economy, depending on how you calculate. They do nothing to add anything to the economy, they are leeching money from the economy. Then you have the Pentagon which is fighting yesterday’s war, funding […]

The undeclared creeping US bankruptcy

January 5, 2011

In essence the US is bankrupt, but how will it go about filing for bankruptcy? There are 2 ways – one is to default on its debts. This would create a massive convulsion and crash the markets, leading to an almost instant depression. This is not so attractive to politicians or the elites as it […]

QE quantitative easing same old government fraud

November 16, 2010

One day, the king of ancient Babylon summoned his treasury overseer and exclaimed, “I need more money to wage war on those Hittite terrorists! I looked in the great treasure chest and it’s nearly empty. There are hardly any gold coins left,” he thundered. “Oh Light of the Euphrates,” groveled his terrified minister, “we are […]

The U.S. money supply has multiplied 4 times from 2007 – 2010

November 9, 2010

Last year, the Federal Reserve increased the world’s wealth by $1.7 trillion. That’s a lot of money. What did it mean? Presto, the world was richer? Or if the world wasn’t richer, the extra money was a hoax, a fraud, and a scam, right? Now counterfeiting is against the law. The counterfeiter creates money that […]

Quantitative Easing QE2 will break the back of the U.S. Dollar

November 9, 2010

Millions of Americans have no idea what Quantitative Easing (QE) is or how it will affect them personally. Quantitative easing (QE) is a monetary policy used by some central banks to increase the supply of money by increasing the excess reserves of the banking system, generally through buying of the central government’s own bonds. Economist […]

Keyboard Credit and the new Financial World War

October 14, 2010

What is to stop U.S. banks and their customers from creating $1 trillion, $10 trillion or even $50 trillion on their computer keyboards to buy up all the bonds and stocks in the world, along with all the land and other assets for sale in the hope of making capital gains and pocketing the arbitrage […]

The U.S. as a Banana Republic

April 19, 2010

Experts on Third World “banana republics” from the IMF and the Federal Reserve have said the U.S. has become a third world banana republic (and see this and this). Are they right? Well, let’s look at Wikipedia’s description of the four factors which make a country a banana republic. The first feature of a banana […]