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Arab Spring certainly not the first democratic movement in Muslim world

June 26, 2011

The Arab-Islamic world has a long history of democracy –democracy which is regularly crushed by western force. In 1953 Iran had a parliamentary system, the US and Britain overthrew it. There was a revolution in Iraq in 1958, we don’t know where it would have gone, but it could have been democratic. The US basically […]

Orchestrating a flawed transition for Egypt

February 6, 2011

As the Mubarak regime turns to violence in a vain attempt to repress the peaceful protests that have swept Egypt’s streets, the risks associated with current U.S. strategy for Egypt and the wider region continue to grow. Washington’s response has departed little from its original script. This script involves repeatedly invoking the language of “moderation” […]

Aldous Huxley and WikiLeaks’ Brave New World

December 15, 2010

British novelist Aldous Huxley is best known for penning Brave New World, an allegory and prophecy for 21st Century western society. In 1958, he predicted that when concentrated in the hands of the “Power Elite,” rapidly evolving “mass communication” like television would be a critical tool of social and political conformity. Propaganda, the suppression of […]

Democracy has been corrupted

March 19, 2010

Excerpts of an article by Chris Hedges Democracy, a system ideally designed to challenge the status quo, has been corrupted and tamed to slavishly serve the status quo. We have undergone, as John Ralston Saul writes, a coup d’état in slow motion. We can write letters to our elected officials … but the power elite […]

Thoughts on Lobbyists, Special Interests and Democracy

September 15, 2009

“Our only political party has two right wings, one called Republican, the other Democratic. But Henry Adams figured all that out back in the 1890s. ‘We have a single system,’ he wrote, and ‘in that system the only question is the price at which the proletariat is to be bought and sold, the bread and […]