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The undeclared creeping US bankruptcy

January 5, 2011

In essence the US is bankrupt, but how will it go about filing for bankruptcy? There are 2 ways – one is to default on its debts. This would create a massive convulsion and crash the markets, leading to an almost instant depression. This is not so attractive to politicians or the elites as it […]

Why Depression at Christmas?

December 27, 2010

Santa Claus has become the supreme symbol of out-of-control consumerism. This season was named for Jesus Christ, who taught us to love everyone everywhere. Jesus was an activist for peace and poor people who drove the money changing marketers out of the Temple, and became a martyr for social justice. Especially for Christians, Christmas should […]

Depression is manufactured

March 6, 2010

Prozac was introduced 20 years ago, which saw an explosion of two things: one of them is sales of antidepressants in the Prozac generation, and the other is the rates of diagnosis of depression. Two decades after the introduction of antidepressants, it’s become commonplace to assume that our sadness can be explained in terms of […]

U.S. troops in Afghanistan losing heart

October 9, 2009

American soldiers serving in Afghanistan are depressed and deeply disillusioned, according to the chaplains of two US battalions that have spent nine months on the front line in the war against the Taliban. Many feel that they are risking their lives — and that colleagues have died — for a futile mission and an Afghan […]