Moral Outrage
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Julian Assange and WikiLeaks incentives for Corporations and Governments to behave ethically

December 28, 2010

The Wikileaks revolution isn’t only about airing secrets and transacting information. It’s about dismantling large organizations—from corporations to government bureaucracies. In a Wikileaks world, the greater the number of people who intimately understand your organization, the more candidates there are for revealing that information to millions of voyeurs. Granted, Julian Assange himself doesn’t purport to […]

The Out-of-Focus Focus on Money

February 19, 2010

“This focus on money and power may do wonders in the marketplace, but it creates a tremendous crisis in our society. “People who have spent all day learning how to sell themselves and to manipulate others are in no position to form lasting friendships or intimate relationships… “Many hunger for a different kind of society […]