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Find out how your tax dollars are spent

April 24, 2012

Would you like to know where the federal government spend all the money you paid in income taxes during fiscal 2011? Click here for a breakdown. Following the above link, enter in the box the amount of federal income taxes you paid. And then click “Show My Taxes”, and you will find out where every […]

Same Big Banks which got bailout skipped out on taxes

November 7, 2011

Five banks that received federal bailout funds during the financial crisis didn’t pay income taxes for one or more years between 2008 and 2010, according to an iWatch News analysis of a new study of tax dodgers. All five financial institutions named were profitable, but still received funds in the form of stock purchases from […]

Half of every dollar we pay in Federal taxes goes into the military account

August 4, 2011

Seymour Melman, a professor emeritus at Columbia University, once said, “We have gone mad,” citing presidents and Pentagon chiefs starting new wars even before they finish fighting the old ones! Who can recall a time in our history when the U.S. initiated aggressive wars against five nations (Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Libya, Yemen)? Between 1947 and […]

Corporate tax dodging amidst the US deficit

April 1, 2011

Two-thirds of corporations in America pay no federal income taxes. Says protester Dave Sonenberg, “I’m tired of people calling for shared sacrifice and it’s all coming from the workers and nothing’s coming from the top.” For example, Bank of America hasn’t paid a nickel in federal income taxes for the past two years, and in […]

More of the Same Sh** from the Slimey Swamps of the Wall Street Bank Barons

April 19, 2010

The first thing people need to understand is that the economic crash wasn’t a crash for the people who caused it. The economic top 1% of the population now controls a record 70% of all financial assets. While the economic crisis has been devastating for 99% of America, the Wall Street elite are awash in record […]