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Theory on why rating agencies are downgrading US debt

August 8, 2011

Some are of the opinion that the rating agencies are working with some of the predatory bankers and the hedge funds who are trading in these naked credit default swaps, and are targeting these economies and countries for failure, because they make more money on these insurances than they lose on their bond holdings. We […]

U.S. Taxpayers on the hook for $5 Trillion of Fannie and Freddie Debt

March 11, 2010

The U.S. government placed Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in conservatorship in September 2008. Conservatorship is a form of bankruptcy. But rather than let the bankruptcy court sort out the assets among the claimants, the Treasury extended an unlimited credit line, effectively nationalizing them. However, it has now been clarified by Treasury that Fannie and […]