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First hint of US Administration concern about Bradley Manning

March 12, 2011

Hillary Clinton’s spokesman has launched a public attack on the Pentagon for the way it is treating military prisoner Bradley Manning, the US soldier suspected of handing the US embassy cables to WikiLeaks. PJ Crowley, the assistant secretary of state for public affairs at the US state department, has said Manning is being “mistreated” in […]

Mubarak Egypt regime United States double standard

January 30, 2011

In a country like Egypt, it’s not easy to get people to put down their names and government ID numbers on a document calling for fundamental democratic reforms, yet a million people have done just that. You in the West have been sold the idea that the only options in the Arab world are between […]

Revealed WikiLeaks secrets we didn’t know

December 4, 2010

The whistleblower’s latest document dump expose: 1. Yemen Takes the Fall for U.S. Drones Yemen has been covering up for the U.S by saying publicly that attacks initiated by the State Department were directed by Yemen. “We’ll continue saying the bombs are ours, not yours,” Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh told General David Petraeus in […]

The ongoing Iraqi war, enduring presence, mercenary occupation of Iraq

August 4, 2010

President Obama said Monday in a speech that the US military is on target to withdraw all its combat troops from Iraq by the end of August. Democracy Now spoke with independent journalist Jeremy Scahill, the author of Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army, who says this instead marks the beginning […]

US Lawmakers scold Obama for scolding Israel

March 21, 2010

An excerpt of an article by Hana Levi Julian: U.S. Congressional lawmakers have flooded the White House and the media with letters and news releases complaining about the Obama administration’s unprecedented scolding of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. This, following an Israeli announcement last week that a routine housing project was proceeding apace in eastern Jerusalem. […]

Israel’s threat to attack Iran a test of Obama’s strength

March 13, 2010

Joint Chiefs Chairman Mike Mullen has warned Israel publicly that an attack on Iran would be a “big, big, big problem for all of us.” But if Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu feels he can thumb his nose at the U.S. President (and Vice President) on the signal issue of Israeli settlements, is there reason […]

A Message from the Taliban on the Anarchy in Afghanistan

December 7, 2009

The following is an excerpt of an article found on the official Taliban website “Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan”: Obama’s new strategy, the result of the same mentality that wants to continue the occupation of Afghanistan by military means, will add to the anarchy prevailing in the country. In fact, Americans are responsible for the chaotic […]

Clinton on Afghanistan politics: “There are warlords and there are warlords”

December 7, 2009

Previously Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and other administration officials had been pressing to clean up the rampant corruption and cut Afghan President Karzai’s ties to local warlords, some of whom traffic in opium. Clinton is now attempting to erase the doubts about Karzai’s  legitimacy raised by his fraud-tainted re-election. In a recent interview with […]

American justification for killing civilians “There is a war going on.”

November 18, 2009

During an interactive session with students in Pakistan, a female medical student asked Hillary Clinton how the United States justifies using those CIA remote-controlled Predator which kill civilians while targeting terror suspects in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Another woman flatly told Clinton that these drone devastations of suspected terrorist hideouts are like “executions without trials” (New […]