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Economic rape in the United States

April 7, 2012

It is an understatement that it now takes two spouses working to equal the wages of a one-income family of forty years ago. Western wages have plummeted so low that a two-income family is now (on average) 15% poorer than a one-income family of 40 years ago. The average standard of living in the U.S. […]

US becoming like old Europe style class based society?

November 6, 2011

To quote Time Magazine, long a tribune of America’s establishment media, we now have “government for the few at the expense of the many.” But let me call another witness from the pro-business and capitalist-friendly press. In the middle of the last decade – four years before the Great Collapse of 2008 – the editors […]

Collective compassion being abandoned in the US

October 9, 2010

America today presents the paradox of a rich country falling apart because of the collapse of its core values. Income inequality is at historic highs, but the rich claim they have no responsibility to the rest of society. They refuse to come to the aid of the destitute, and defend tax cuts at every opportunity. […]