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Kangaroo Court in Libya to silence the past criminal dealings by NATO countries?

November 24, 2011

The current head of the NATO-installed Libyan National Transition Council (NTC), Mustafa Abdul Jalil, a long-term CIA favorite, recently announced that men in Libya will be allowed four wives because the “New Libya” is going to strictly follow Sharia law and four wives is what the Koran allows. This same head of the Libyan NTC, […]

NATO may face War Crimes Inquiry over civilian deaths

November 16, 2011

Some NATO members are worried that their organization may be investigated by the International Criminal Court after its prosecutor said allegations of crimes committed by NATO in Libya would be examined “impartially and independently,” according to diplomats accredited to NATO headquarters. The diplomats said action to pre-empt a war crimes investigation would likely include an […]

Tony Blair and George W. Bush stand accused

April 25, 2010

From an article by a Emeritus Professor of Law, as published in a prominent Malaysian paper: Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair … stands accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity by many learned and independent scholars of international law. The case against him looks rock solid, especially after his confession to the BBC […]

International Court complaint filed against Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld et al

January 21, 2010

Professor Francis A. Boyle of the University of Illinois College of Law has filed a Complaint with the Prosecutor for the International Criminal Court (I.C.C.) in The Hague against U.S. citizens George W. Bush, Richard Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, George Tenet, Condoleezza Rice, and Alberto Gonzales (the “Accused”) for their criminal policy and practice of “extraordinary […]

Israel overturns the damning report of Judge Richard Goldstone

October 6, 2009

Israel celebrated its success at the United Nations in forcing the Palestinians to defer demands that the International Criminal Court investigate allegations of war crimes committed by Israel during its winter assault on the Gaza Strip. The about-turn, following vigorous lobbying from Israel and the United States, appears to have buried the damning report of […]