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The ethics of the online photos of Moammar Gadhafi

October 20, 2011

Gruesome photos of an apparently lifeless Moammar Gadhafi raced around the Internet today as news broadcasters struggled to confirm reports that Libya’s longtime strongman was dead. First came a photograph showing what appeared to be Gadhafi’s bloodied face slumped against a man’s crimson-stained leg, as he was manhandled, dead or dying, among a crowd. A […]

Muammar Qadhafi killed in another political kudo for Obama

October 20, 2011

After enduring years of Republican attacks for a feckless and weak foreign policy, Obama has scored a couple of dramatic victories abroad in recent months. In May, U.S. Navy SEALs killed Al Qaeda mastermind Osama bin Laden in a daring nighttime raid inside Pakistan. And just last month, a U.S. drone strike in Yemen killed […]

US intelligence in the search for Kadhafi in Libya

August 26, 2011

The role of US intelligence in Libya in the search for Kadhafi US intelligence agencies have a crucial role to play in tracking down Libya’s Moammar Kadhafi but are anxious to keep a low profile, current and former officials said Thursday. Although the military and the State Department sought to distance Washington from the manhunt, […]

British SAS leads hunt for Gaddafi in Libya

August 26, 2011

British special forces are on the ground in Libya helping to lead the hunt for Muammar Gaddafi. As a $1.6 million bounty was placed on his head, soldiers from 22 SAS Regiment began guiding rebel soldiers after being ordered in by the British Prime Minister, David Cameron. For the first time, defense sources have confirmed […]

The End of Qaddafi and other questions about Libya

August 22, 2011

All night in central Tripoli one heard mainly celebratory gunfire from the nearby newly renamed “Martyrs Square” (formerly ‘Green Square’) but so many questions are on most people minds this morning. Most hotel staff at my hotel appear crestfallen. Some ask, are the Qaddafi forces opening a trap for the rebel forces allowing them to […]

More NATO bombing will only harden resolve of Libya to resist

July 5, 2011

As the bishop of Tripoli, Giovanni Innocenzo Martinelli has quietly counseled the Libyan capital’s small Roman Catholic community. Since Western bombs began raining down on Moammar Kadafi’s Libya, Martinelli, 69, has become an unlikely source of international controversy. His persistent criticism of the NATO-led campaign has led some to call him a Kadafi appeaser, and […]

British and French Agents in Libya to kill Gaddafi

June 23, 2011

A team of 130 British and French agents are reportedly on a do-or-die deep undercover mission in Libya to get Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. The Daily Star reports the British security service MI6 and France’s Directorate-General for External Security agents are personally sanctioned by UK PM David Cameron and French President Sarkozy. Members of the team […]

Libyan rebel leader admits that anti-Gaddafi forces have al-Qaeda links

March 27, 2011

Abdel-Hakim al-Hasidi, the Libyan rebel leader, has said those on the front lines of the battle against Muammar Gaddafi’s regime are jihadists who fought against allied troops in Iraq. Mr al-Hasidi admitted this in an an interview with the Italian newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore. Mr al-Hasidi admitted he had earlier fought against “the foreign […]

US Great Britain and France assisting al-Qaeda in Libya

March 26, 2011

The war on Libya now being waged by the US, Britain and France must surely rank as one of the stupidest martial enterprises, smaller in scale to be sure, since Napoleon took it into his head to invade Russia in 1812. On March 11, French President Sarkozy declared the Libyan National Transition Council the only […]

The military attack on Libya veiled as a humanitarian intervention

March 24, 2011

On March 20th 2003 Western forces launched their “Shock and Awe” attack on Iraq, heavily bombarding Baghdad and elsewhere, massacring hundreds if not thousands of innocent men, women and children. On March 20th 2011 the very same forces attacked Libya, beginning what many believe will be yet another mass slaughter. The propaganda currently being pumped […]