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The al-Qaeda Islamist Spring behind the Libyan Rebellion

February 18, 2012

Yesterday was the official one-year anniversary of the “February 17th Revolution,” the Libyan rebellion against the rule of Moammar Qaddafi, with a massive helping hand from NATO. Although the rebellion was initially presented in the Western news media as a “protest movement,” it is clear from both video evidence and firsthand accounts that the “protests” […]

Are Americans gods with the moral authority to determine who will live and who will die?

January 2, 2012

We will never know the artists, poets, and peacemakers who have never lived because their parents were killed in senseless wars. Imagine walking or driving through Kansas City, Kansas, or Syracuse, N.Y., or Rockford, Illinois, and knowing that every single man, woman, and child living in one of those cities represents a person who is […]

Kangaroo Court in Libya to silence the past criminal dealings by NATO countries?

November 24, 2011

The current head of the NATO-installed Libyan National Transition Council (NTC), Mustafa Abdul Jalil, a long-term CIA favorite, recently announced that men in Libya will be allowed four wives because the “New Libya” is going to strictly follow Sharia law and four wives is what the Koran allows. This same head of the Libyan NTC, […]

NATO may face War Crimes Inquiry over civilian deaths

November 16, 2011

Some NATO members are worried that their organization may be investigated by the International Criminal Court after its prosecutor said allegations of crimes committed by NATO in Libya would be examined “impartially and independently,” according to diplomats accredited to NATO headquarters. The diplomats said action to pre-empt a war crimes investigation would likely include an […]

Facts about Libya under Gaddafi that you probably did not know

November 1, 2011

Facts you probably do not know about Libya under Muammar Gaddafi: • There are no electricity bills in Libya; electricity is free … for all its citizens. • There is no interest on loans, banks in Libya are state-owned and loans given to all its citizens at 0% interest by law. • If a Libyan […]

War in Libya a Failure

October 25, 2011

Seven months after NATO’s misguided war in Libya began, Moammar Gadhafi has been killed. Conventional wisdom seems to be that this outcome has proved the intervention to be right because it “worked.” However, far from vindicating the decision to attack Libya, Gadhafi’s bloody end represents much of what was wrong with the intervention from the […]

Libya and the Holy Triumvirate of the US NATO EU

September 4, 2011

On April 30th, in a televised address, Libyan Leader Muammar Gaddafi pled, “Why are you attacking us? Why are you killing our children? Why are you destroying our infrastructure?” A few hours later NATO hit a target in Tripoli, killing Gaddafi’s 29-year-old son Saif al-Arab, three of Gaddafi’s grandchildren, all under twelve years of age, […]

British SAS leads hunt for Gaddafi in Libya

August 26, 2011

British special forces are on the ground in Libya helping to lead the hunt for Muammar Gaddafi. As a $1.6 million bounty was placed on his head, soldiers from 22 SAS Regiment began guiding rebel soldiers after being ordered in by the British Prime Minister, David Cameron. For the first time, defense sources have confirmed […]

The End of Qaddafi and other questions about Libya

August 22, 2011

All night in central Tripoli one heard mainly celebratory gunfire from the nearby newly renamed “Martyrs Square” (formerly ‘Green Square’) but so many questions are on most people minds this morning. Most hotel staff at my hotel appear crestfallen. Some ask, are the Qaddafi forces opening a trap for the rebel forces allowing them to […]

Dennis Kucinich pushing US to end War in Libya

July 6, 2011

US congressman Dennis Kucinich is sponsoring legislation in the United States Congress to end US military involvement in Libya for the following reasons: First, the war is illegal under the United States constitution and our War Powers Act, because only the US Congress has the authority to declare war and the president has been unable […]