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Bankers are the Dictators of the West

December 11, 2011

We’ve been deluged with reports of how the poor or the disadvantaged in the West have “taken a leaf” out of the “Arab spring” book, and how demonstrators in America, Canada, Britain, Spain and Greece have been “inspired” by the huge demonstrations that brought down the regimes in [the Arab world]. But this is nonsense. […]

Occupy protesters targeting foreclosed homes

December 8, 2011

Occupy protesters across the US are reclaiming foreclosed homes and boarded-up properties, signaling a tactical shift for the movement against wealth inequality. On Tuesday, groups in more than 25 cities held protests on behalf of homeowners facing evictions. “It’s pretty clear that the fight is against the banks, and the Occupy movement is about occupying […]

Lessons From Iceland for the Occupy Movement

November 17, 2011

Excerpt of a Guardian article by Birgitta Jónsdóttir, a Member of Parliament of Iceland: If the 99% want to reclaim our power, our societies, we have to start somewhere. An important first step is to sever the ties between the corporations and the state by making the process of lawmaking more transparent and accessible for […]

Guy Fawkes mask inspires Occupy and Anonymous movements around the world

November 4, 2011

Generations of Britons have grown up pledging to “Remember remember the fifth of November: Gunpowder, treason and plot” — the figure of Guy Fawkes linked forever with fireworks, bonfires and childhood fun. Now — more than four hundred years after the gruesome death of the man who plotted to blow up the Houses of Parliament […]

What the Occupy Movement needs to do to survive and prosper

October 24, 2011

The power of the Occupy Wall Street movement is rooted in the moral imperatives of justice and self-sacrifice, non-historical values closer to King than Abbie Hoffman. It seeks to rebuild the bridges to labor, the poor and the working class. The occupation movement’s greatest challenge will be overcoming the deep distrust of white liberals by […]

Jesus the original Occupy Wall Street protester

October 21, 2011

“When it was almost time for the Jewish Passover, Jesus went up to Jerusalem. In the temple courts he found people selling cattle, sheep and doves, and others sitting at tables exchanging money. So he made a whip out of cords, and drove all from the temple courts, both sheep and cattle; he scattered the […]

Occupy protests spread to cities worldwide

October 15, 2011

Thousands of people across the world railed against corporate power, grinding poverty, and government cuts as the Occupy Wall Street movement spread to the streets of Europe, Asia and Australia. United for Global Change — the central site for the movement organizing worldwide protests — said 951 cities in 82 countries were to take part […]