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How do you characterize the North American energy predicament?

April 23, 2012

If the energy industry has its way in North America, there will be many more legitimate complaints we have been “sold out” to the energy barons. To gain access to the additional stores of oil and gas of the United States and Canada, the industry is seeking to eliminate virtually all environmental restraints imposed since […]

Big Oil about to Third World the US and Canada?

April 23, 2012

Up until 1950, the United States was the world’s leading oil producer, the Saudi Arabia of its day. In that year, the U.S. produced approximately 270 million metric tons of oil, or about 55% of the world’s entire output. But with a postwar recovery then in full swing, the world needed a lot more energy […]

United States officially on a war footing concerning Iran

March 23, 2012

On March 16, President Barack Obama may have quietly placed the United States on a war preparedness footing, perhaps in anticipation of an outbreak of war between Israel, the West, and Iran. A newly-propounded Executive Order, titled “National Defense Resources Preparedness,” renews and updates the president’s power to take control of all civil energy supplies, […]

Will Iran Kill the Petrodollar?

February 17, 2012

The official line from the United States and the European Union is that Tehran must be punished for continuing its efforts to develop a nuclear weapon. The punishment: sanctions on Iran’s oil exports, which are meant to isolate Iran and depress the value of its currency to such a point that the country crumbles. The […]

Oil Chokepoints and Pentagon repositioning strategy with China

December 11, 2011

It’s no secret that the Pentagon’s “repositioning” strategy implies an undisguised attempt to force … “denial of access” to Chinese shipping and an expanding Chinese blue-water navy. The repositioning now on across Africa and Asia especially concerns chokepoints. Three of the world’s crucial chokepoints are matters of national security for China, in terms of its […]

The US neocolonial scramble for Africa

November 6, 2011

President George W. Bush set up the United States-Africa Command (AFRICOM) in 2008, months before demitting office. The demand for a permanent American military footprint on the African continent had come from right-wing think tanks that enjoyed great clout in the corridors of power during the eight years of the Bush presidency. A background paper […]

China replaces al Qaeda as the official American threat

October 22, 2011

The main reason the US is invading Africa is … China. Africa is China’s success story. Where the Americans bring drones and destabilization, the Chinese bring roads, bridges and dams. What they want is resources, especially fossil fuels. Libya under Muammar Gaddafi was one of China’s most important sources of fuel. When the civil war […]

Iraq demands return of oil money from US

June 21, 2011

Iraq is demanding the return of $17 billion in oil money it says was stolen by U.S. institutions in the wake of the 2003 invasion. In a letter to sent the UN sent last month the Iraqi parliament asked for help finding and recovering the money, which disappeared from the Development Fund of Iraq. The […]

18 billion dollars of Iraqi money missing

June 21, 2011

The Iraqi parliament speaker has told Al Jazeera that the amount of Iraqi money unaccounted for by the US is $18.7 Billion – three times more than the reported $6.6 Billion that US and Iraqi auditors reported missing last week. The Bush administration flew in a total of $20bn in cash into the country in […]

Lockerbie Libyan Oil Money and Goldman Sachs

June 20, 2011

Most of us probably remember, vaguely, that Libya’s role in the Lockerbie bombing is an established fact. If so, we’re off base. Let’s start with this 2001 BBC report, following the conviction of Megrahi, a Libyan intelligence officer: “Robert Black, the Scottish law professor who devised the format of the Netherlands-based trial, was quoted on […]