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US Patriot Act kept Somalia starving

April 21, 2012

When war-torn Somalia was ravaged by a drought-induced famine last year, which killed tens of thousands and displaced over a million people, international media was quick to blame the Islamist Al-Shabaab for blocking humanitarian assistance from reaching its zone of control in southern Somalia. But according to Ken Menkhaus, professor of Political Science at Davidson […]

Haiti‚Äôs untapped wealth and the US military presence there

March 9, 2010

Beneath the rubble and tragedy of Haiti lies what some geophysicists believe may be one of the globe’s richest zones for oil and gas hydrocarbons outside the Middle East. The same tectonic plates of North America, South America and the Caribbean that rub together to cause earthquakes, also form one of the world’s most active […]

U.S. Military gets 40 cents of each U.S. aid dollar to Haiti

January 28, 2010

Of each U.S. taxpayer dollar, 40 cents is going to the U.S. military, paying for security, search and rescue teams, and the Navy’s hospital ship USNS Comfort. Less than two weeks after President Obama announced an initial $100 million for Haiti earthquake relief, U.S. government spending on the disaster has tripled to $317 million at […]

Criticism of U.S. Military in Haiti

January 27, 2010

Watch the U.S. media and its coverage of the crisis in Haiti, and you get the impression that Washington is a benevolent power doing its utmost to help with emergency relief in the Caribbean island nation. But tune into news from other parts of the world and you come away with a very different view. […]