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Why leaders promote wars

December 29, 2011

“When a nation threatens another nation, the people of the latter forget their factionalism, their local antagonisms, their political differences, their suspicions of each other, their religious hostilities, and band together as one unit. “Leaders know that, and that is why so many of them whip up wars during periods of national crisis, or when […]

Happy Thanksgiving a day to celebrate our origins and liberty

November 23, 2011

Tomorrow, we gather with family and friends to celebrate Thanksgiving and count our blessings. Amongst them let us list life, liberty, and religious freedom. After all, this holiday many now take for granted is based on the New England puritan Thanksgiving, a religious Thanksgiving. Puritanism was a religious reform movement that arose within the Church […]

Jews against Zionism

November 16, 2011

A common denominator among all Zionists is the claim to Eretz Israel as the national homeland of the Jews. However, a large number of Jewish people are not Zionists. Some Jews even vehemently oppose Zionism, and support the Palestinians in their battle for survival against the onslaught of genocide from the Israeli government and military […]

Religious beliefs in America continue to fracture

September 27, 2011

Religion statistics expert George Barna says, with a wry hint of exaggeration, America is headed for “310 million people with 310 million religions.” “We are a designer society. We want everything customized to our personal needs — our clothing, our food, our education,” he says. Now it’s our religion. More people claim they have accepted […]

What passes for Christianity

October 31, 2010

Millions of Americans claim to follow Jesus. Some even claim that we are a Christian nation. Yet every generation seems to crucify Christ all over again, to nail him to the cross and parade him through the streets with a crown of thorns on his head. What passes for Christianity is often not the genuine […]

While U.S. Pastor threatens to burn Korans, U.S. Military burns Bibles

September 10, 2010

What with all the uproar about the Florida preacher who threatened to publicly burn the Koran (Qu’ran), it turns out that the U.S. military in Afghanistan burned confiscated Bibles that were printed in the two main Afghan languages, Pashto and Dari. This was amid concern they would be used to try to convert Afghans, a […]

Mainstream Christian denominations condemn rising tide of Islamophobia

September 8, 2010

Leaders of some three dozen mainstream U.S. religious denominations condemned what many commentators have called a rising tide of Islamophobia touched off by the recent controversy over the construction of a Muslim community center in Lower Manhattan. “As religious leaders in this great country, we have come together in our nation’s capitol to denounce categorically […]

The U.S.’s no. 1 religion – Nope, not Christianity, it’s Ego-novism!

September 6, 2010

Christianity is commonly held to be the predominate religion in the United States, with 82.3 percent of Americans identifying themselves as being Christian in polls. However, when surveys are made that collect religious data, the pollsters never drill down to find out how religious the respondent really is. The vast majority of Christians do not […]

What Islam teaches about Jesus Christ

September 5, 2010

Just as Christians stray from their faith –and in certain countries more so than others’– obviously the same could be said of people of all faiths, including Muslims. But do those Christians or Muslims who stray represent the vast majority of those of their worldwide faith? For that matter, do those who stray from the […]

The difference between being Religious and being Christian

August 31, 2010

There is a growing chasm between Religion and Christianity, whereby Christians in America and elsewhere stray from the light and life of Christianity, while descending deeper into the darkness and death of Religion. For example, a Pew survey of mostly white evangelical Protestants revealed that more than six in 10 believe that torture is often […]