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Woman whipped for driving in Saudi Arabia

September 27, 2011

A Saudi woman was sentenced Tuesday to be lashed 10 times with a whip for defying the kingdom’s prohibition on female drivers, the first time a legal punishment has been handed down for a violation of the longtime ban in the ultraconservative Muslim nation. Making Tuesday’s sentence all the more upsetting to activists is that […]

US and Saudi Arabia covertly destabilizing Syria

June 22, 2011

The efforts to overthrow the Syrian government have a lot in common with what has been undertaken in Libya. The project to break up Libya and Syria simultaneously was initially brought up by John Bolton on 6 May 2002 when he was serving as Undersecretary of State in the Bush administration, its implementation now by […]

Why is Libyan suppression different than Saudi or African oppression?

March 9, 2011

Shades of hypocrisy! Why is Libyan suppression different than Saudi oppression, or oppression in other African nations? For decades the U.S. has looked upon the suffering of millions of Africans with indifference but now they are trying to convince us that it is a “moral imperative” that we intervene in the civil war in Libya. […]

Saudi Arabia greed and corruption “beyond the bounds of reason”

March 1, 2011

When Saudi King Abdullah arrived home in Saudi Arabia last week, he came bearing gifts: handouts worth $37 billion, apparently intended to placate Saudis of modest means and insulate the world’s biggest oil exporter from the wave of protest sweeping the Arab world. But some of the biggest handouts over the past two decades have […]

American Foreign Policy Folly

January 30, 2011

The U.S. keeps Mubarak in power—it gave his regime $1.5 billion in aid last year—mainly because he supports America’s pro-Israel policies, especially by helping Israel maintain its stranglehold on Gaza. [Israel and Egypt alone receive 1/3 of America’s total American foreign aid!] The U.S. supports Mahmoud Abbas for the same reason: he is seen as […]

WikiLeaks: Sex, drugs, rock ‘n’ roll Saudi style

January 29, 2011

“The full range of worldly temptations and vices are available — alcohol, drugs, sex — but strictly behind closed doors.” If you want to get your readers’ attention, it’s not a bad way to start. The language comes from a short but tantalizing U.S. diplomatic cable sent last year from the consulate in Jeddah in […]

Why the U.S. interest in Yemen? Hint: Yemen is an Oil Chokepoint

January 20, 2010

The strategic significance of the region between Yemen and Somalia is a point of geopolitical interest. It is the site of Bab el-Mandab, one of what the US Government lists as seven strategic world oil shipping chokepoints. The US Government Energy Information Agency states that “closure of the Bab el-Mandab could keep tankers from the […]

U.S. launches cruise missiles into yet another country – Yemen

December 20, 2009

The US provided firepower and intelligence to help the Yemeni government launch a series of deadly raids against suspected al-Qaeda bases in the country.Yemen, the Arab world’s poorest country, is battling separatist unrest in the south and a separate Shi’ite rebellion in the north. On orders from President Obama, the U.S. military launched cruise missiles […]