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Syria and Iran the seeds of World War Three

April 12, 2012

To get some idea of how absurd the Syria situation is, imagine the following scenario: The United States government is under attack by an insurgent group, which lists kidnappings and bombings in its modus operandi. The insurgents are being aided by Canada and Mexico, with Mexico planning to seize some US territory in order to […]

Syrian rebels’ serious human rights abuses

March 20, 2012

Armed rebels fighting the regime of Syria’s Bashar al-Assad have committed “serious human rights abuses,” an influential human rights watchdog said today. In an open letter to leaders of the opposition, Human Rights Watch cites “increasing evidence” of kidnappings, torture and executions and calls on those forces “to refrain from engaging in these unlawful practices.” […]

Mossad CIA and Blackwater involved in Syria

March 12, 2012

Baba Amro is now under the control of the Syrian army… and around 700 Arab and Western gunmen surrendered there, well-informed sources told Al-Manar website. For his part, Syrian expert in strategic affairs Salim Harba pointed out that “the captured gunmen held Arab nationalities, including Gulf, Iraqi, and Lebanese… among them were also Qatari intelligence […]

Violence lessens in Iraq as fighters shift to Syria

February 21, 2012

The departure of al Qaeda-affiliated fighters from Iraq to join the rebellion against Syrian President Bashar Assad in Syria has had one benefit, Iraqi officials say: Violence has dropped in Iraq, in some areas by as much as 50 percent in just a few months. Iraqi officials declined to provide precise figures for the drop-off […]

Popular Syrian support for President Bashar Assad

February 2, 2012

Using Syria’s domestic crisis and pursuing their own goals NATO, Israel, Turkey and the monarchies of the Persian Gulf are trying to undermine the Syrian regime. In the last two months Syria has seen a number of terrorist attacks. The terrorist attacked Syrian servicemen and military facilities, law enforcement agencies institutions, blasts on oil pipelines, […]

Russia and China drawing a line in the sand in Syria

January 20, 2012

Russia will offer Washington no explanation for arms deliveries to Syria, and together with China, will prevent the U.N. Security Council from approving any military intervention in the conflict-torn nation, its foreign minister said on Wednesday. Using his annual news conference to draw lines in the sand on Syria, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said veto-holding […]

US Special Forces in Syria and 119 other countries

January 17, 2012

On January 2, a soldier in San Diego linked to Special Forces posted on his Facebook page that he was deploying to Syria. The soldier’s Facebook page has been scrubbed, as well as almost all references to him. Still, this tantalizing piece of information startled readers, leading many to ask: does our country have troops […]

Losing Syria and Iran

January 16, 2012

This summer a senior Saudi official told Dick Cheney’s former chief of staff, that “The king knows that other than the collapse of the Islamic Republic itself, nothing would weaken Iran more than losing Syria.” This is today’s “great game” – losing Syria. And this is how it is played: set up a hurried transitional […]

Syria next to fall

December 30, 2011

Syria remains the Middle East’s only independent secular state. Washington aims to replace its regime with a client one. Syria’s economy deteriorates steadily. In 2011, its GDP collapsed 30% – from around $55 billion to $37 billion. Its currency also plunged from 47 to 62 to the dollar. Basic goods and services are in short […]

US and NATO troops training militants on the Syrian border

December 30, 2011

Hundreds of American and NATO troops are training militants on the Syrian border to overthrow Al-assad’s regime. The mainstream media (MSM) has finally begun reporting on these US operations, which have been going on for some 6 months now. (According to a former FBI official this has been going on since May 2011.) Sibel Edmonds, […]