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Paul Ryan on Social Security MediCare and Pell Grants

August 17, 2012

Paul Ryan was chosen by Mitt Romney as his Vice Presidential pick. Here’s 6 things to know about Paul Ryan, as researched by MoveOn: 1. His economic plan would cost America 1 million jobs in the first year. Ryan’s proposed budget would cripple the economy. He’d slash spending deeply, which would not only slow job […]

Ron Paul on spending, taxes and Social Security

December 21, 2011

If you know anything about Ron Paul’s economic views, it’s probably that he’s not a big fan of the Federal Reserve system, or that he loves the gold standard. But those are hardly the only noteworthy planks in his platform. Spending: Paul proposes cutting $1 trillion from the federal budget during his first year in […]

5 Misconceptions about the US Economy

November 23, 2011

MYTH #1: The congressional Super Committee failed because both sides refuse to compromise. REALITY: The Super Committee failed because Republicans’ number one, non-negotiable priority is to protect millionaires and billionaires from paying even one more penny in taxes.1 Democrats repeatedly offered to make deep spending cuts—far deeper than most progressives would like—in exchange for raising […]

The Super Committee failure reflects our own super failure

November 22, 2011

Leaders of the congressional supercommittee charged with trimming the federal budget deficit by at least $1.2 trillion have announced that the panel could not reach an agreement. As a result, across-the-board spending cuts—largely in Medicare and defense—are slated to go into effect in 2013. So the “super committee” failed. Can you honestly say you were […]

How our taxes are wasted

November 22, 2011

The United States isn’t broke. It’s a country in which the richest are doing exceptionally well. Yes, the economy is broken, and the U.S. is producing more pollution, greenhouse gasses and garbage than any other country. In these and so many other ways, it just isn’t working. But check out this short video for some […]

Same Big Banks which got bailout skipped out on taxes

November 7, 2011

Five banks that received federal bailout funds during the financial crisis didn’t pay income taxes for one or more years between 2008 and 2010, according to an iWatch News analysis of a new study of tax dodgers. All five financial institutions named were profitable, but still received funds in the form of stock purchases from […]

Another American credit downgrade predicted soon by BoA exec

October 23, 2011

“We expect a moderate slowdown in the beginning of next year, as two small policy shocks —another debt downgrade and fiscal tightening— hit the economy. “The ‘not-so-super’ Deficit Commission is very unlikely to come up with a credible deficit-reduction plan. The committee is more divided than the overall Congress. Since the fall-back plan is sharp […]

Wall Street is not the only place where greed is undermining the American Dream

October 4, 2011

Will the Arab Spring be followed by an American Autumn? It’s sure starting to look that way. Thousands of protesters are taking to the streets—in Boston and Los Angeles, at Occupy Wall Street in New York, and in dozens of other communities across the country. What do the protesters want? A solution to the jobs […]

Christianity should be synonymous with class warfare

September 27, 2011

President Obama just drew the economic battle lines more clearly in his call to raise $1.5 trillion in new revenue primarily through increased taxes on the wealthy, letting the Bush tax cuts expire, and closing tax loopholes. “Class warfare!” countered the Republicans. Americans sharing more equally in the burden of pulling our country out of […]

US Congressmen are in no way representative of the people

September 23, 2011

Rep. John Fleming (R-LA) appeared on MSNBC to attack President Obama’s new deficit reduction plan, which includes some tax increases on the wealthy. The host of the show asked, “If you have to pay more in taxes, you would get rid of some of [your] employees?” Fleming responded by saying that while his businesses made […]