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Three billion dollars annual military aid to Israel funded by American taxpayers

April 19, 2012

The nondescript warehouse-like buildings in rural Pennsylvania are the headquarters of Combined Systems, Inc.—one of the largest manufacturers and international suppliers of teargas, stun grenades and other “non-lethal” crowd control devices in the world. Israel, or more accurately, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), is their most frequent client. And Combined Systems’ relationship with the IDF […]

The Ponzi Scam of Student Loans

June 20, 2011

Student loans are a big business, with student debt now exceeding $895 billion which is more than the total Americans owe on their credit cards. And most of these student loans are underwritten by the US government, which means that the taxpayer is on the hook when students can’t repay the debt. Many of the […]

The Afghanistan War Nightmare

June 28, 2010

The war in Afghanistan cannot be won and the country as a whole does not support it. There is no evidence at all that counterinsurgency will work in Afghanistan. It’s not working now. And even if we managed to put all the proper pieces together, the fiercest counterinsurgency advocates in the military will tell you […]

Aiding the Iraqi Insurgency with US Taxpayer Dollars

May 24, 2010

According to several senior military and government personnel, USAID’s Community Stabilization Program (CSP) was responsible for sending millions of taxpayer dollars to Iraqi insurgents via a complex web of contractors and subcontractors. These sources claim that although USAID was fully aware of the problem, it delayed acting for as long as possible, unwilling to pull […]

FDIC obligations soon to be U.S. taxpayer obligations

May 16, 2010

According to AP, the FDIC’s deposit insurance fund “hit a $20.9 billion deficit as of [Dec. 31, 2009].” Prior to this past week‘s bank failures, the FDIC’s estimated losses from the previous 57 U.S. bank failures (in 2010) stood at about $8.6 billion. –Now the figure is $15.93 billion. So the FDIC deficit has grown […]

Americans –finally—take to the streets protesting Wall Street frustrations

May 2, 2010

Thousands of workers and union leaders marched on Wall Street to express their anger over lost jobs, the taxpayer-funded bailout of financial institutions and questionable lending practices by big banks. The rally was organized by the AFL-CIO and an association of community groups. It included a diverse mixture of union workers, activists, the unemployed, and […]

More of the Same Sh** from the Slimey Swamps of the Wall Street Bank Barons

April 19, 2010

The first thing people need to understand is that the economic crash wasn’t a crash for the people who caused it. The economic top 1% of the population now controls a record 70% of all financial assets. While the economic crisis has been devastating for 99% of America, the Wall Street elite are awash in record […]

U.S. Taxpayers on the hook for $5 Trillion of Fannie and Freddie Debt

March 11, 2010

The U.S. government placed Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in conservatorship in September 2008. Conservatorship is a form of bankruptcy. But rather than let the bankruptcy court sort out the assets among the claimants, the Treasury extended an unlimited credit line, effectively nationalizing them. However, it has now been clarified by Treasury that Fannie and […]

U.S. Military gets 40 cents of each U.S. aid dollar to Haiti

January 28, 2010

Of each U.S. taxpayer dollar, 40 cents is going to the U.S. military, paying for security, search and rescue teams, and the Navy’s hospital ship USNS Comfort. Less than two weeks after President Obama announced an initial $100 million for Haiti earthquake relief, U.S. government spending on the disaster has tripled to $317 million at […]

U.S. Congress investigating military contractors in Afghanistan

December 18, 2009

There are currently 104,000 Pentagon contractors in Afghanistan — a figure that could soon rise to 160,000. (Compare this figure to the 100, 000 U.S. troops in Afghanistan expected at the height of Obama’s coming surge.) Finally, Congress is launching a broad-ranging investigation into possible waste, misuse and corruption tied to billions of taxpayer dollars […]