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Privacy of communications and entrapment of terrorists

March 24, 2012

Former CIA officer Philip Giraldi writes: Americans … should be concerned by the repeated entrapment of so-called terrorists, first of all because the process reveals that our private communications are no longer very private. Second, the law enforcement use of a planted informant to encourage and enable someone to commit a crime used to be […]

What has the war in Afghanistan really achieved?

July 1, 2011

So far, the war in Afghanistan has lasted nine years, eight months and some days, cost the lives of 2,547 coalition troops, and between 14,000 and 34,000 civilians, created millions of refugees, and opened up a black hole in Western economies that has sucked in more $500bn dollars. Afghanistan costs the US around $10bn a […]

US Border apprehensions include citizens of terrorist or special interest countries

March 22, 2011

Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas), speaking at a conference on border issues, said 663 individuals arrested along the southwest border in 2010 were from countries designated as “special interest” or from countries known to have ties with terrorism. “It’s not just that we’re seeing immigration across our southern border from countries like Mexico — people seeking […]

Financial terrorism suspected in 2008 economic crash

March 2, 2011

Evidence outlined in a Pentagon contractor report suggests that financial subversion carried out by unknown parties, such as terrorists or hostile nations, contributed to the 2008 economic crash by covertly using vulnerabilities in the U.S. financial system. The unclassified 2009 report “Economic Warfare: Risks and Responses” by financial analyst Kevin D. Freeman, a copy of […]

118 drone raids has killed only 2 top militants

February 24, 2011

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the United States launched 118 drone attacks in Pakistan last year, but managed to kill only 2 “most-wanted” terrorists, The Washington Post has reported. A Washington think-tank, New America Foundation, reported that US drone strikes soared from 33 in 2008 to 118 in 2010. The increase cost US taxpayers […]

Julian Assange the Scarlet Pimpernel of Cyberspace

December 10, 2010

Our modern version of the famed fictional Pimpernel, Sir Percy Blakeney, Julian Assange, has outraged the United States and given its citizens a chance to see its government at work abroad – and it’s not a pretty sight. Bureaucrats the world over hate like crazy to see their blunders, double-dealing and incompetence exposed to public […]

Cindy Sheehan on Wikileaks diplomatic cables

December 1, 2010

An excerpt of an article by Cindy Sheehan and the Peace Movement: While only a tiny fraction of the U.S. diplomatic cables scheduled for publication by Wikileaks have thus far been made available, some conclusions can already be drawn. Much of the pressure for war appears to come from within the United States, whose representatives […]

Common Myths about Muslims and the War on Terrorism

November 21, 2010

Is it true that ‘while not all Muslims are terrorists, all terrorists are Muslims’? Plenty of non-Muslims have carried out terrorist acts. Here’s a partial list. • Timothy McVeigh was convicted of detonating a truck bomb in front of the Oklahoma City federal building in 1995, which resulted in 168 deaths. He was Catholic. • […]

TSA full body scanners et al Osama bin Ladin must be giggling himself silly

November 19, 2010

Ten years after 9/11, Americans who fly are facing a Faustian choice between subjecting themselves to a virtual (and potentially medically damaging) strip search conducted in questionable machines run by federal employees, or a psychologically damaging pat-down of their bodies. TSA has established itself as the lead federal agency charged with perpetuating this risk-averse culture […]

The scary new U.S. war in Pakistan

October 3, 2010

Pakistan is an American ally and recipient of millions of dollars of U.S. foreign aid. Yet almost daily America is bombing parts of Pakistan and carrying on military operations against its citizens. While the Obama administration has increased drone attacks and other clandestine military operations in Pakistan, they have been cautious not to call it […]