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Memorial Day What Ifs

May 25, 2012

What if Memorial Day reminds us of times when we had more freedom? What if the memory of the past is more fulfilling than the reality of the present? What if the federal government could write any law, regulate any behavior and tax any event, no matter what the Constitution authorized? What if the House […]

US Senator Rand Paul detained by TSA

January 23, 2012

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul was detained Monday by the Transportation Security Administration in Nashville, Tenn., after refusing a full body pat-down, POLITICO has confirmed. Paul spokesperson Moira Bagley said. “The image scan went off; he refused patdown.” Paul’s father, Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas), tweeted out news of the incident, saying that there had been an […]

DHS and TSA mobile body and vehicle scanners

January 9, 2012

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Transportation Security Agency (TSA) have taken naked body scanners on the road so they are now equipped to peer through cars and walls in addition to clothes. The question is still being debated whether it’s ethical and legal to allow the government to basically strip search men, women […]

Homeland Security claims the power to strip search passengers

March 25, 2011

The federal Department of Homeland Security (DHS) claims authority to strip search every airline passenger; and to begin such a practice without even soliciting comment from the public. This outrageous statement recently was delivered to the American people by a DHS lawyer in arguments before the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of […]

What TSA full body scanners, searches and patdowns are really all about

November 28, 2010

The TSA and all relevant officials tell us that they’re really for our own protection. But are they? In truth, the searches have virtually nothing to do with increased airport security. Several years ago, my four year-old daughter was pulled aside in one such screening because she happened to be the Nth person in the […]

TSA full body scanners et al Osama bin Ladin must be giggling himself silly

November 19, 2010

Ten years after 9/11, Americans who fly are facing a Faustian choice between subjecting themselves to a virtual (and potentially medically damaging) strip search conducted in questionable machines run by federal employees, or a psychologically damaging pat-down of their bodies. TSA has established itself as the lead federal agency charged with perpetuating this risk-averse culture […]

Paying the TSA to be groped and degraded across America

November 12, 2010

Every single day millions of us are being subjected to the shameful processes of being searched, screened and viewed naked by full body scanners, and/or patted, groped, fondled, poked and stroked by badge-wearing strangers. TSA makes up over 60,000 employees at 450 airports, around 133 police per airport, in addition to local airport police. Last […]

Where to direct your complaints about Full Body Scanners

November 6, 2010

These full body scanners being introduced in airports nationwide are manufactured by Rapiscan Systems, a firm represented by the Chertoff Group. The Chertoff Group is Michael Chertoff, a dual Israeli/US citizen appointed Secretary of Homeland Security in 2005 by Puppet President George W. Bush. (According to some, Chertoff’s mother, Livia, was a Mossad agent.) Chertoff […]