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An American veteran on what drives US foreign policy

January 15, 2011

Michael Prysner joined the Army out of high school in June 2001 and was part of the Iraq invasion force. He worked during the war in Iraq tracking targets and calling in airstrikes and artillery barrages. He took part in nighttime raids on Iraqi homes. He worked as an interrogator. He did ground surveillance missions […]

Tariq Aziz: “Bush and Blair lied intentionally”

August 8, 2010

The familiar black-ringed spectacles signal to the visitor that this was Tariq Aziz, Iraq’s former face to the world – Saddam Hussein’s right-hand man, his most powerful deputy, also a practicing Christian. Iraq has been through hell since Aziz was last seen in public, days before Baghdad fell in April 2003. He has been in prison seven years […]

Tony Blair and George W. Bush stand accused

April 25, 2010

From an article by a Emeritus Professor of Law, as published in a prominent Malaysian paper: Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair … stands accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity by many learned and independent scholars of international law. The case against him looks rock solid, especially after his confession to the BBC […]

Former IAEA Chief: Iraq War Killed “A Million Innocent Civilians”

April 3, 2010

The former head of the UN’s chief nuclear agency, Mohammed ElBaradei, said in an interview with the British newspaper Guardian that those who launched the war in Iraq were responsible for killing a million innocent people and could be held accountable under international law. He was clearly referring to US President George Bush, British Prime […]

Iran captures US-sponsored anti-Iranian terrorist leader

February 28, 2010

The Iranian government is celebrating the capture of Abdolmalek Rigi, the leader of a violent group called Jundullah (Arabic for “Soldiers of God”), which Tehran says is a terrorist organization supported by the United States, Great Britain and Israel. Jundullah is one of several groups that have been conducting bombings and other violent attacks against […]

Eight years after 9/11

September 10, 2009

Eight years after 9/11, [for starters] we know that: The war on terror spawned infinitely more terrorism worldwide than there was before this war. The war on Iraq was launched even though the U.S. – contrary to its public assertions – knew that Saddam Hussein had no WMDs and no links to Al Qaeda. The […]