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Because People Matter: Building an Economy that Works for Everyone

April 23, 2010

Outrageous enrichment goes hand in hand with incredible pauperisation. 200 of the biggest companies in the world together own more than 80% of the world population. What is the similarity between Zambia and the investment-bank Goldman Sachs? The answer illustrates the madness of the world economy. Zambia earns 2.2 billion dollars per year for its […]

Immense Land Grab in Africa by Billionaires and Mega-Corporations

March 12, 2010

Twenty-some African countries are selling or leasing land for intensive agriculture on a shocking scale in what may be the greatest change of ownership since the colonial era. Ethiopia is one of the hungriest countries in the world with more than 13-million people needing food aid. Paradoxically the government is offering at least 7.5 million […]